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Both "Paloma Nera" and "Dalmatinka" became number 1 on national top list.

Trava zelena (album, 1995) Trava zelena achieved spectacular success and was described as one of the best albums of 1990s in Croatia.

Djevojka sa sela was her last album composed by Tutic and his production company Tutico.

They departed after the release because of the dispute over her contract.

Severina's style can be described as pop with various folk and cabaret influences.

As a child, she took smaller parts in theatre and opera productions in her native Split.

Dalmatinka (album 1995) Severina's third studio album, Dalmatinka, has helped to establish her as the national pop icon.

This was her first major tour on which she performed in most of the big cities on the Balkans including Sarajevo, Boznia and Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Ja samo pjevam (album, 1999) Severina's 7th studio album, Ja sam pjevam, was a continuation of the pop sounds heard on her previous albums.

The album was critically and publicly acclaimed and achieved big success.

Severgeeen (album, 2004) After a two-year break, she released her 8th studio album Severgreen in 2004.

This was her first bigger project and public appearance after the sex-tape scandal which occurred in 2003. Severina sang about her hard decisions and struggle to overcome public shame, in the song "Na sceni sama" she captured the emotion of the public by singing: "Even when lies and noisiness try to destroy me, I still stand alone in the spotlight".

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