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They all live according to a body of regulations known as the Rule of St Francis. A sermon Francis heard in 1209 on Mt 10:9 made such an impression on him that he decided to devote himself wholly to a life of apostolic poverty.

The Second Order, most commonly called Poor Clares in English-speaking countries, consists of religious sisters. Clad in a rough garment, barefoot, and, after the Evangelical precept, without staff or scrip, he began to preach repentance.

The Order of Friars Minor, in its current form, is the result of an amalgamation of several smaller orders completed in 1897 by Pope Leo XIII.

The latter two, the Capuchin and Conventual, remain distinct religious institutes within the Catholic Church, observing the Rule of Saint Francis with different emphases.

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Franciscans traveled and preached in the streets, while boarding in church properties.

To offer protection and quality services for victims of Domestic Violence and their minor children and/or victims of Sexual Assault and their families in St.

Johns County, FL, through operation of a shelter offering assistance, counseling, and transitional support.

Those who joined him became the original Order of Friars Minor.

The modern organization of the Friars Minor comprises three separate families or groups, each considered a religious order in its own right under its own minister General and particular type of governance.

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