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All he was when I knew him was one of the very best poets. As I near 70, all the deathsmight weigh me down, were theywhat I remember most.But what Iremember is the love ~~ that they lived, were joy, and found ahome in my heart.I have spent a lifetime pullingeach one thatdidn't fit or didn't work So today am walkin andtalkin and workin My soul is small but my heart , is Big~! I know whats on you too~If we both had a big rope We would both have a ... Asterisk I have heard it said my son, my darling daughter, that all truth is parallel. there are only three lines, six directions, seven ways to go. I hear only the sound of waves against a shore - my own breath - and recall the whistling of my father.....know he found peace, had joy; thank you for that wonderful smile. S¤£ø Tæ-Ðãh Friends, thank you all for your presence in my absence. One can blow one's brains outin an apartment in Greenwich Villageif one wishes. About Ron: I knew himwhen he was the "Mad Scarf"of Taliaferro Hall ~~ our residentpoet-ghost walker.Monster Strengths: It’s hairy, scary and has a big jaw with a good set of molars for some intense bone crunching.For most of the movie, the anonymity of Sasquatch is most terrorizing since the action and screaming take place off-screen.Did we miss any Syfy movie monsters you rank as the best beasts?

Monster Weaknesses: Visually, the Kraken's tentacles didn't look real enough to make anyone's hair stand on end. Star Who Battled the Beast: Eric Balfour is best known for his roles on SIX FEET UNDER and HAVEN.Well, that and a kill switch that's password protected with the word 'pumpkin.'Star Who Battled the Beast: Eric Roberts, now known for DARK KNIGHT, took a break from his runaway career to kick some creature butt; instead, Sharktopus used its tentacle to stab the jugular of Robert's character, sending him into that dark night.Monster Strengths: Mansquito has legs, wings, and a trunk-like appendage to suck blood from humans, and he's practically inescapable using his superhuman strength.Star Who Battled the Beast: Corin Nemec, who sci-fi fans recognize from his appearances on SUPERNATURAL and STARGATE SG-1, takes on Mansquito and helps save the day -- without having to die or disappear.Monster Strengths: With incredible eyesight and huge tentacles that can stab victims to death with a single thrust, the Kraken is a chillingly capable creature.

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