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You all look on Pinterest for month long diet options and settle on the grapefruit diet (duh).By the end of the month, you have all lost the five pounds, except Becky who has lost seven (that bitch), and end up looking amazing.It is a month before Halloween, and your friend group is surrounded by a single computer looking at potential costume ideas eating pizza.

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Reality: Living off Sbux while you try to cram a semester's worth of reading into three days, and cursing all those naps you took instead of doing the assigned reading.Expectation: Turning heads with all your super sophisticated new *college* outfits.Reality: After week two, embracing sweatpants and a hoodie as an appropriate outfit for class, just like everybody else. This is better than when Nicki 'broke the internet' While nothing's been confirmed, this…by Ari Bines I always find it funny when the very people who created the trigger word to oppress black people now makes headlines whenever caught using it. The one time white people are systemically restricted (by a word) they like to consider themselves "oppressed." Any person of…

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