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If you would like to hear more about the DVLA’s responsibilities, you can visit the DVLA website or call the DVLA Swansea contact number.Since the DVLA has relocated all it’s offices to Swansea it has a very large presence there, consequently if you want a specific department you will need to use a different postcode as seen below.It’s important to remember to tell the DVLA that you have changed address.It helps to ensure your tax and licence are up-to-date.Following the closure of the 39 offices that formed the original local office network around the country, all the DVLA’s work has now been fully centralised in Swansea.At their Swansea headquarters, the DVLA maintains a database of road users and vehicles as well as being in charge of administering driving licences and blue badge permits. If you wish to contact the DVLA Swansea, there are different postcodes for the department you require.The current format for number plates is made up of two letters which link to the office where the plate was issued, two numbers to indicate when it was issued and then three letters which are chosen at random.If you don’t display your number plates in the correct way, your car could fail its MOT test and you could be fined up to £1000.

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You don't have to see garbage ads; we make a little of the money back that we're losing from the blocker. Normally there would be an ad in this spot but you're using an Ad-Blocker.You can get your provisional licence when you are almost 16- you must be 16 to drive a moped/light quad bike and 17 to drive a car.However, if you have mobility issues and claim the enhanced rate of Personal Independence Payment, you may be able to start learning when you’re 16.The DVLA has a range of responsibilities, from enforcing vehicle tax to registering vehicles which have been in the UK for more than six months.The DVLA’s jurisdiction extends across the UK but it is not active in Northern Ireland, where driving laws and rules are overseen by the Driver and Vehicle Agency, or DVA.

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