Brief case changing intimidating therapy unchangeable

The clients were stuck in their solutions to the problems.In these case studies, "the cure was indeed the disease." You can see Fisch's influences - Milton Erickson, Paul Watzlawick and John Weakland.A great introduction for those who have entertained the notion of informing themselves about paradoxical interventions in psychotherapy but, for whatever reason, not quite got there yet.

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The authors also propound a dislike for diagnostic labels because, they aver, such labels imply a pessimistic expectation of unchangeability.

Step-by-step, Brief Therapy with Intimidating Cases shows how to implement a proven model of short-term therapy for treating such difficult psychological problems as severe depression, delusions and paranoia, anorexia, alcoholism, obsessive-compulsive behavior, and borderline personality disorder.

The authors also offer a wealth of illustrative examples and include actual transcripts from a wide va See all Product description Both of the authors are accomplished and effective clinicians.

Thus, the thrust of the therapy, as they put it, is not to get the patients to do something so much as to find the means to help them stop doing what they have been futilely doing about the problem.

In working with parents and their children, these therapists inform and enrich their understanding of their patients by placing the nature and quality of the interaction between parent and child in the forefront of the therapy rather than concentrate upon intrapsychic factors.

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